BritEd is able to advise on the following qualifications for undergraduate entry:

  • Cambridge International A-levels
  • The International Baccaleureate
  • SA NSC (IEB or Government Education Departments)*                    

*The South African National Senior Certificate (SA NSC) is  accepted by many top UK universities for most subjects at undergraduate level.  BritEd is particularly skilled at making a case for SA NSC qualifications and is highly experienced in this regard.

Postgraduate Degrees – Here BritEd is able to advise on entry to Taught Postgraduate (TPG) courses only

There are many different entry levels for TPG in the UK. Some universities will insist on an Honours degree from a South African university, while others may accept SA students directly from an undergraduate degree programme onto their Masters degree programmes.  Much depends on the ranking of the university you are applying to, the class of degree you achieve and the type of course you wish to study.

For Research postgraduate degree programmes it is best to contact the university you wish to apply to directly for further advice on their entry requirements.