A warm welcome to BritEd, UK Education Consultancy for Students from Southern Africa


We provide cutting edge advice on UK University entry to students with South African qualifications.  Established in the mid-90’s, our level of expertise and experience is extensive.

Our mission –  Enabling you to make thoroughly informed study choices and from this develop a winning strategy for your application.

Our trademark – An acute understanding of what our students expect from their UK university experience, coupled with a decisive plan of action to ensure you achieve this.

Some secrets of our success:

  • Extensive knowledge of UK Universities from the international student perspective
  • Consistently excellent standards of delivery over a great many years
  • Telling it like it is and cutting through the marketing hype
  • Tactics to help you weigh up your options carefully
  • In-depth understanding of admissions procedures
  • Ability to troubleshoot tricky applications
  • Attention to detail and sensitivity to specific individual needs
  • Integrity, wisdom and insight