Coming soon … full feedback and stories from BritEd clients dating back many years

Here are some snippets in the meantime.  

You have earned your worth abundantly!  We are over the moon with what you have achieved for us.

Caroline and Murray Green, Zambia, parents of James Green (St Andrew’s College 2019)

We are completely delighted with the outcome of Katya’s applications, and very grateful to you for your assistance and ongoing advice which has been extremely helpful. We will most definitely recommend BritEd to other families with children applying to the UK in future.

Jonathan Broomberg, father of Katya Broomberg (St John’s College 2018) Johannesburg, 2019

You are a genius

Caroline Olivier, mother of Georgi Olivier (St Marys, DSG 2018) KZN, 2019

I cannot believe that 4 years have flown by so rapidly!  We leave next week for Nikita’s graduation from Glasgow.What a fantastic opportunity and phenomenal decision it was to have chosen this university.  Nikita has graduated with a 2:1! She also launched the most successful new society on campus called SW@G  (Successful Women at Glasgow). They arranged for professional women to come to campus and speak every 2 weeks on a wide range of topics. Her biggest coup was arranging for Nicola Sturgeon to visit in March. Have a look at

Thank you for the incredible role you played in setting us on the right path.

I will continue to recommend your services to other families and wish you success with BritEd.

Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, mother of Nikita Montlake (Herschel 2010), Cape Town 2015


May 2014.   Again Stephanie – THANK YOU! you have been an answer to our prayers – it would have been so stressful and I think unsuccessful had we not got your name. I have already told many people about you and your amazing service!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Tich Oxley, mother of Michaela Oxley, (DSG 2013 )  Gaberone, Botswana, 2014


All went very well…. In fact the person that did our daughter’s visa application commended her for being very organised, which all credit must go to you for making it so easy without any hassles!!

You are extremely organised and a simple thank you is never enough.

St Johns College Parent, Harare, Zimbabwe, 2013


Once you decide that Stephanie is the way forward for you, I would urge you to be extremely patient and to follow her instructions EXACTLY as she tells you every step of the way what to do. Never think that you might know better or be concerned that you will miss the boat! Have complete faith in the process that she takes you through. Stephanie deals with literally loads of applications from Africa every year, she has mountains of experience and I dread to think how it would have been had we not met up with her. I know that Stephanie’s personable way made all the difference and it was largely  thanks to her that my son got into Exeter University. It was thanks too to him that he brought her contacts home from his school in South Africa.

Anne Powys, mother of Ciaran Brown (Kingswood 2011) Suyian Ranch, Nanyuki, Kenya, 2012


Eternally grateful whenever I see your name and how lucky we were to meet you! 

Parent, Fresnaye, Sea Point, South Africa 2011


Dear Stephanie

I still have to  pinch myself to actually believe that this all finally happening! It has indeed been a tough road, but with your help, expertise and constant positive energy, I wouldn’t have survived. I am over the moon that I am leaving tomorrow. I have no doubt that AUB will be the right choice for my studies, and thanks to your wise guidance, I am really positive and motivated to begin my course.

Your patience with my one million emails has been so appreciated, I know my family and I count our blessings we have had your help.

I will make sure I text you once I have arrived.

Former Reddam student, Cape Town, South Africa, 2011


Thank you very much Stephanie. You really have been awesome in getting me ready for school. I appreciate everything you have done, especially given that you do not represent Birmingham.

I will give my contact details as soon as I have arrived.

Student, Harare, Zimbabwe


Using BritEd services was one of the wisest investments we ever made in our son’s educational journey! Thank you for your ever attentive and completely individualised approach. You guided Ryan every step of the way with his application to Edinburgh and the process, which could have been dogged by doubt and uncertainty, was completely painless from start to finish.  We cannot recommend your services too highly and do so at every opportunity.

Jean and Alan du Toit, parents of Ryan Du Toit (Bishops)  Cape Town, South Africa, 2009 


Hi Stephanie!

Graduation was great. I cannot believe three years passed by so quickly.

I got accepted to do a post graduate diploma in Events Management in Switzerland starting in September 2012, and I am soooooo excited to start the next chapter.

In a nutshell, the past three years have been amazing. I have learnt so much and made friends for life. Everything from the university and the city was a perfect fit, and I have you and BritEd to thank for that 🙂 I hope 2011 ends well for you, and that 2012 starts with a bang!

Best wishes

Student, Harare, Zimbabwe


Dear Stephanie,

Three years have indeed flown by. I will be graduating next year with an MEng instead of graduating this year with a BEng. I figured sticking it out once and for all would be a better option for me. 

Uni thus far has been a medley of great and challenging experiences, and I don’t regret studying in the UK at all. I look forward to another potentially exciting year! 

Thanks again for all your help to me and many others. You do a fab job. 

Student, Harare, Zimbabwe


Dearest Stephanie

Thank you so much for all your incredible, professional assistance for our son’s course along with your wonderful personal touch in a gentle nudge (every now and then), to him to ensure he gets his visa application ready for submission. You are truly amazing and we are very grateful for all your help so far.

Parent, Zimbabwe


We really appreciate your assistance and would unreservedly recommend you to our network of friends.

Client, Harare, Zimbabwe