BritEd is able to assist International SA NSC or A-level Students apply for Medical School entry in the UK

  • Entry requirements for the SA NSC range from 777666 – 777777  (to include grade 7 in Life Sciences, Physical Science and Maths)
  • Entry requirements for A-levels are generally AAA  (preferably to include A for Chemistry and Biology)
  • Entry requirements for graduates who have taken the SA NSC or A-levels are generally the same as above, plus a degree programme in an appropriate field with a 2.1 pass
  • Medical School entrance exams, either the UCAT or the BMAT, will need to be taken in addition to school leaving qualifications. You can sit these in South Africa, Zimbabwe and other countries in Southern Africa
  • Anyone applying should be able to demonstrate a very strong commitment to medicine
  • Most UK Medical School interviews take place in the UK, usually between late November to March of each year
  • Most undergraduate UK Medical degrees are 5 years in duration. Several places, such as Edinburgh, which offer an intercalated BSc year, are 6 years in duration. The GEP (Graduate Entry Programme) or GEM (Graduate Entry Medicine) is 4 years in duration
  • The Cost of a UK Medical School education over the course of a 5 year degree programme ranges from approximately £160,000 – £260,000 based on 2020 entry fees.   Average fee increases are currently 3-5% pa. We quote for the overall degree rather than for annual tuition fees since there is a great deal of variance in how international UK Medical School fees are charged. Living expenses are approx. £11,000 – £12,000 pa. Regrettably, we are not aware of any scholarships available to fund international medical school students applying to study in the UK.

The key to a successful UK Medical School application is to implement a STRATEGIC PLAN OF ACTION WELL IN ADVANCE of any deadlines to apply